Actually here were r2.23 and r2.24.x releases, but I was too lazy to find posts with changelogs and repeat here :D



·         Fixed problems with installing apps on lollipop (and bootloop after reinstall probably too) by re-enabling highmem


·         Switched back to LiveOPP 2.2

·         Some kernel optimizations [mkaluza]

·         Fixes to binder driver



·         reverted recent changes in FUSE, that caused apps data mess on /sdcard.



·         changed LiveOPP to custom version, based on 2.1


·     Net: trying to fix issue with AceStream engine by enabling some options in defconfig


·     mcde: decreased power_on_delay and reset_delay to 5ms in order to fix blackscreen and make them tunable

·     added Tripndroid I/O scheduler

·     removed USB HID mouse/keyboard detection by default



·     LiveOPP: reworked PRCMU QoS part (added interface prcmu_qos_performance)

·     PRCMU QoS: added interfaces to ignore some QoS APE requirements

·     Re-added I/O scheds BFQ v7r7, Zen and VR

·     Re-enabled UKSM

·     Lowered DDR OPP to 25 by default

·     Fixed slow UMS mode speed on CM12 (and probably improved on all ROMs) – thanks to PolishVodka for original idea with setting ro.vold.umsdirtyratio to higher value



·     re-enabled 200 and 300 MHz to recover APE=25 and DDR=25 for screen OFF

·     reverted some changes in abb-charger to fix issue with charge drop

·     removed 60++ Hz mode for LCDCLK. Interface renamed to lcdclk from mcde_cldclk

·      HID drivers now compiled built-in, to fix not working UHID


·     Block I/O layer updated to LK3.4

·     added I/O scheduler FIOPS


·     updated F2FS implementation (Oct 2014)

·     dynamic fsync: added new interface Dyn_fdatasync_active to enable/disable fsync via fdatasync (default enabled)
Disabling can improve I/O performance at the cost of higher chance of data loss.

·     added interface to allow to disable syncing of filesystems on suspend

·     disabled software CRCs by default

·     added init.d script to clear VFS cache after boot

·     enabled ZRAM by default and set swappiness to 100

·     enabled dynamic management of dirty page writebacks

·     disabled dirty page writebacks on resume [zwliew]



•          dynamic fsync replaced with implementation by faux123

•          memcopy and string libs implementations replaced with optimized ones

•          updated RWSEM algorithm

•          added frandom module

•          Zram and zsmalloc code synched with Linux Kernel 3.17 (credits to mikeNG)

•          various fixes and improvements



•          some build optimizations

•          enabled UKSM



•          build from R2.18 with MCDE and LCDCLK changes introduced in R2.19.2



•          fixed LCDCLK interface and moved to /sys/kernel/mcde/mcde_lcdclk

•          reverted changes in lowmemorykiller introduced in R2.19



•          fixed wifi bug related to recent(since R2.19) changes in networking config



•          cherry-picked selected commits from android-3.4 to fix issues with binder

•          lowmemorykiller update by boype (pulled commits from android-3.4)

•          some minor fixes from mainstream

•          reduced size of HWMEM to 74M (640M of RAM are available)



•          SIOPlus: update by boype

•          RCU, NOHz: mainly merged changes, introduced in android-3.4 branch

•          Futexes: cherry-picked selected commits from mainline

•          CIFS: fixed error, introduced after VFS layer update

•          VPN interceptor: same fix as above

•          NFS filesystem: fixed and backported to current VFS layer

•          UHID: probably fixed UHID broken by adding various modules for specific devices

•          Bluetooth: possible fix to broken data send.



•          LiveOPP:added ability to disable cpufreq steps

•          added 100 MHz step but disabled by default, disabled 200, 300, 500, 700 MHz steps.

•          access to arm_steps parameters via arm_summary

•          ARM VFP: enabled NEON mode in kernel (faster mode used in encryption)

•          VFP: updates from LK3.4

•          Enabled power efficient worqueue by default [zwliew]

•          RCU: switch to TREE_PREEMPT_RCU with RCU_FAST_NO_HZ for better power saving



•          abb-fg: changed tunables (credits to ace2nutzer )

•          fixed pllddr_oc_on_suspend issue

•          removed sched mc/smt tweaks, disabled ARM_CPU_TOPOLOGY (it's anyway broken on LK3.0...)

•          added new folder /ramdisk/modules/autoload/ in order to fix not loadedgovernors issue

•          re-added script /ramdisk/00userinit to allow to run some tweaks at early stageof boot

•          zenx, interactive: added APE/DDR touch boost 



•          small config optimization



•          improved PLLDDR OC module,added interface pllddr_oc_on_suspend

•          LiveOPP improvements [cocafe]

•          adjusted extra min free [cocafe]

•          adjusted sched mc/smt power saving settings [ace2nutzer]

•          small config optimizations

•          LiveOPP, mali: added functional of commands

echo varm-=5>/sys/kernel/liveopp/arm_step00”

echo 0 vape-=5>/sys/kernel/mali/mali_dvfs_config”

•          added support for gzipped ramdisk (put recovery.cpio.gz / boot.cpio.gz instead of recovery.cpio / boot.cpio, respectevely, to save some space on /ramdisk)



•          removed tweak, which caused bad ping



•          Re-applied NEON optimization, disabled some useless/unused kernel features

•          Added support for some filesystems

•          interface mcde_screenon_opp reimplemented on s6d27a1 display

•          one more attempt to fix black screen bug on s6d

•          APE/DDR boost part moved togovernor Dynamic



•          Based on R2.10.2 with reimplementation of some recent features



•          enabled touchboost once again

•          disabled ESD_OPERATION on s6d27a1— in order to fix blackscreen issue

•          reverted changes in USB drivers



•          new painless installer for kernel xD



•          Removed CPU freq steps CPU 250,350,... MHz.

•          increased available RAM size to 635,6 MB by reducing SHRM FIFO

•          fixed interface mali_opp

•          new interface mali_opp_force_limit

•          added interface/sys/kernel/liveopp/pllddr_oc_delay_us - delay between gradual changing PLLDDR.

•          disabled APETRACECLK and APEATCLKregulators to save some power




•          ws2401: re- added interface to adjust APE/DDR on screen on

•          mali: re-added interface mali_opp(switching APE according to mali load)

•          ab8500-usb: added interface to ignore APE_100_OPP requirement when charger/USB is plugged

•          reduced kernel (631 MB RAM available), decreased boot time [mkaluza]

•          Build with NEON optimization [cocafe]

•          Switch to LZ4 ZRAM compressor(again) — [faux123]

•          Dynamic: sync with Project Zen [mkaluza]


Bug fixes and other changes:

•          Removed SELinux support and disabled its dependencies (service audit.d)

•          Safety fix to PLLDDR OC - now we keep MMC/SDMMC clock<=100 MHz

•          Re-applied fix to LPA (now it restores previous vape voltage on resume, not the constant 0x16